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Weekend Getaway 1 - Stockholm, Sweden

Weekend Getaway 1 - Stockholm, Sweden

They say 3rd times a charm, lol not when it comes to Stockholm and the weather. This is the 3rd time i am going to the big city and unlucky yet again. The first time i did not even leave the house, second time i visited the Archipelago and now.... find out!

This was an incredible weekend spent with a lot of love and happiness. 

I managed to visit the City Hall and Stockholm Palace !

Apart from restaurants and food, one thing i really wanted to see was the art in the Stockholm subways. I find it so creative to add color to such a dark and busy place. I personally believe it at least makes someone smile on their way to work.  My favorite obviously as i posted on my instagram is the one at Radhuset ... (the orange one) the other one is at ... Kungsträdgården.

I have not been to the others this time around but you can click here to see more... 

Gamla Stan -  The old town

Obviously you cannot come to stockholm without visiting the tourist filled tiny streets of Gamla Stan (pic3)! Here we had our first lunch the day i arrived. I found the Stadshuskällaren (pic1) such a cozy and classic restaurant however we arrived after lunch time. Had some hot chocolate in the amazing underground restaurant (pic2) in one of the tiny streets near the Storkyrkan - which is Stockholm Cathedral (pic4)

We also visited some kind of museum with the Vikings clothes, accessories and brief history about the Kings. i have never watched Game of Thrones but i felt i was in one of the episodes while i was inside ! i did not take any pictures, i was not sure if i was allowed to. 

If you know me, you know i love pretty restaurants and fine dining that's why i save the best for last! 

Pic 1 - this was our visit to the food market, nothing sounds more fun than food shopping however i think i was pretty exhausted from all the working in Stockholm city that the excitement wasn't extra lol. i will definitely go back InshaAllah or visit the one here in my city Lund - Salluhallen which happens every friday.

Pic 2 -  Burgers & Barrels was the first stop after putting my bags down in the apartment. it was pretty random because while working at Gamla Stan, bae opened trip advisor - HE LOVES TRIP ADVISOR and it happened to be one of the top places for burgers so we popped in and my goodness the burgers were amazing!!!!! SO good and recommended to anyone that goes to Stockholm. Later that evening we ordered take away from Kitchen & Table and had dinner at home. (P.s i will make a separate post on Kitchen&Table the chain once i visit all of them here in Sweden - I literally love it so much it deserves its own post).

Pic 3 & 4 - YOU KNOW I LIVE FOR BRUNCH! this was a rather pleasant surprise. I never expected this. I was told we had a reservation for brunch on Sunday and when i googled the place, i started counting down minutes. Berns is an asian cuisine restaurant - YOU KNOW WHAT, clap for yourself anonymous bae! Asian food is my favorite cousin. you really outdid it. This restaurant is rather popular for its vintage and classical interior, it is so beautiful inside. The sushi is amazing but hats off for the dessert. the creme brûlée Mmmmm... Theres a lot of stylish Swedes here, i didn't want to keep taking pictures before they clocked i was really a JJC hehehe. 

Pic 5 & 6 & 7 - The best part of the weekend. waking up to home made breakfast with all my favorites. I am telling you, this man prepared and planned this weekend! Instead of our initial plan to go have "Fika" at a random cafe we decided to stay in and have a lovely breakfast made by anonymous bae at the apartments rooftop overlooking Stockholm City Hall and the city.

Pic 8 - There was no way i was going to leave Stockholm without visiting Mister French! i had been following this incredible brunch restaurant by the sea on instagram for a while. I had the chance to pass by and grab a glass of wine before heading to a great dinner later that evening. Anonymous bae is always trying to make me happy! I will definitely revisit Mister French when the weather is warmer and the outdoor brunch starts again. 

Aifur Krog & Bar

This incredible restaurant owned by legendary E- Type "is named after the legendary Viking ship Aifur and the result of 15 years of accumulated knowledge and research about life, food and culture from the years 700-1100, merged with skilled and knowledgeable staff in a great location in Gamla Stan, the Old Town of Stockholm. 

I had an incredible evening eating deer and dining like a true viking. The place is filled with tourists and always fully booked. We had to pass by in person to make a reservation and the only time that was available was at 9;30pm. Glad i experienced this, i definitely recommend it!

Well that was it for my first weekend getaway, stay tuned for more on this series haha! also comment on cities, countries you'd like me to visit and write about. xo Thanks

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